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Daily Archives: November 5, 2003

Earliest Time Frame of Potential SCI Therapies

Published: November 5, 2003

Many people have been asking about potential time frames of therapies that are under development for spinal cord injury. There are too many unknowns to predict when therapies will be available. However, it is possible to estimate what the minimum time requirements are for treatments that are currently under development, assuming that all goes well. If there are any problems, of course, the development will be slowed down substantially or stopped. Let me first define some terms for people who might not be familiar with clinical trials.

The Magic Bullet: Laxative Suppositories

Published: November 5, 2003

magic20bulletMedexus offers a different, faster acting, safe and sure 10mg. bisacodyl suppository. The Magic Bullet is designed to help minimize the cost and excessive time involved in most bowel programs.

The Magic Bullet does not use an oil base (hydrogenated vegetable oil) as does Dulcolax and other bisacodyls, where the oil base has to melt before the bisacodyl can stimulate the bowel to contract and push out the stool. The Magic Bullet is water soluble (polyethel glycol) and allows our bisacodyl to disperse within minutes after insertion. The sooner the stimulation begins, the sooner the movement is completed … meaning less time on your Bowel program.

Wound Healing General Information

Published: November 5, 2003

Because wound healing is based on both internal and external factors, wound healing is extremely complex. A good diet that includes extra protein and calories, vitamin supplements, plenty of fluids and adequate rest are important factors in the wound healing process.