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Daily Archives: February 3, 2004

HeadMaster Plus

Published: February 3, 2004

headmasterplusweb_prodPrentke Romich’s HeadMaster Plus™ is a head pointing system that takes the place of a mouse. Just move your head and the cursor moves on the screen. Puff on the tube to make selections. Mouse clicks can also be made by activating an external switch (sold separately) or by dwelling with a dwell software program (sold separately). It is the only head pointing system that tracks both lateral and rotational movement. Also available for HeadMaster is an optional Remote Adapter providing for wireless infrared use and an optional Laptop Adapter.

Severed spinal cord regenerated

Published: February 3, 2004

_1919621_skeleton300Scientists have succeeded in restoring movement to rats paralysed by spinal injuries.

The breakthrough could ultimately lead to new treatments for people who have been paralysed by damage to their spinal cord.

Spinal cord injuries typically arise from car accidents, violence, falls and sports injuries.