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Daily Archives: March 11, 2004

Paralyzed policeman, former Padre, returns to S.D.

Published: March 11, 2004

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego police officer paralyzed after being shot in the neck last year returned to a hero’s welcome today from a Rehabilitation center in Colorado.

Dan Walters, a former catcher with the Padres, rode in a wheelchair pushed by his father as about 100 officers greeted their colleague outside a Lindbergh Field terminal.

Local scientist’s work may aid with paralysis, head injuries

Published: March 11, 2004

A local researcher has advanced the search for cures for Central Nervous System injuries by using a naturally occurring substance produced in the body to eliminate scar formation and promote nerve Regeneration.

“It’s major,” says Stephen Davies, who hopes the seeds of his research one day will help patients with paralysis and head injuries.