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Daily Archives: March 30, 2004

A man of motion

Published: March 30, 2004

Jonathan Dehaas doesn’t remember the motorcycle accident that robbed him of the use of his legs.

The first time he opened his eyes after the crash, he recalls white drapes pulled along each side of his bed, a nurses station across the hall and tubes coming out of every part of his broken body.

Their lives go on

Published: March 30, 2004

When 40-year-old Mindy Idaspe learned she would never walk again due to a spinal cord injury in 2002, she was heartbroken. A nurse and mother, she had always focused on caring for others – how could she learn to be dependent on other people?

The answer came through the Spinal Cord Group of Collier County, a support group Idaspe formed with two other disabled friends.

New Acute Injury Unit At Groote Schuur

Published: March 30, 2004

The transfer of the acute spinal cord injury unit from Conradie Hospital to Groote Schuur promises better service delivery to both patients and staff.

Western Cape Health MEC Meyer said this yesterday, during the official opening of the new unit at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Stem-cell research is exciting, but not to investors

Published: March 30, 2004

SEATTLE – (KRT) – Whoever learns to control embryonic stem cells that can morph into healthy human cells could be standing on a gold mine: Four million Americans have damaged brain cells from Alzheimer’s, and a million people each year suffer tissue damage from heart attacks.

Motorist rescued after 36 hours on freeway

Published: March 30, 2004

Associated Press – Information from: Houston Chronicle

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – A motorist injured after a crash lay paralyzed in the middle of the Gulf Freeway with a broken neck for 36 hours before he was rescued.

Ed Theisen’s plight was blocked from the view of passing cars by some traffic barricades.