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Daily Archives: July 28, 2004

How gender affects living with traumatic spinal cord injuries

Published: July 28, 2004

Although men and women who have suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs) report comparable levels of psychological well-being, recent studies have found that older female SCI survivors experience aging differently from their male counterparts.

For example, older women with SCI have higher incidences of pain, Depression, and suicide than men, and are less likely to hold a job and have access to preventive healthcare.

Spinal Cord Treatment Breakthrough at UR

Published: July 28, 2004

Evan Dawson (Rochester, NY) 07/.29/04 – The potential now exists of a drug that could prevent paralysis–even after a major spinal cord injury.

On the scale of medical breakthroughs–the relevant discovery made by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center–could the most important in years.

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