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Daily Archives: December 7, 2004

‘BrainGate’ Brain-Machine-Interface takes shape

Published: December 7, 2004

An implantable, brain-computer interface the size of an aspirin has been clinically tested on humans by American company Cyberkinetics. The ‘BrainGate’ device can provide paralysed or Motor-impaired patients a mode of communication through the translation of thought into direct computer control. The technology driving this breakthrough in the Brain-Machine-Interface field has a myriad of potential applications, including the development of human augmentation for military and commercial purposes.

Spine therapy works on dogs, may help humans

Published: December 7, 2004

By Lee Bowman, Scripps Howard News Service

Researchers have successfully tested injections of a liquid polymer to heal spinal injuries in dogs in an experiment that also offers hope for preventing human paralysis.

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