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Daily Archives: April 18, 2005

Race to Human Stem-Cell Trials

Published: April 18, 2005

SAN DIEGO — Several scientists have used embryonic or fetal stem cells to help rodents with spinal cord injuries walk again. The researchers travel the country showing videos of rats dragging their hind legs, followed by clips of them miraculously hopping around following stem-cell injections.

Hundreds gather to remember a Macon hero, “Big Luke”

Published: April 18, 2005

The season has long been finished, but the Northeast High School Raiders still huddled Saturday evening in the school’s gymnasium. After counting down, the Raiders barked “Hutt” and broke the huddle one last time for the man they knew as “Big Luke.”

Al Lucas, a former Raider, died April 10 of a spinal cord injury he suffered during an Arena Football League game in Los Angeles. He was 26.

Injury tests successful developer

Published: April 18, 2005

LEXINGTON, Ky. – An overachieving central Kentucky construction developer is now facing the challenge of his life – walking again.

Doug Wilburn, 45, president of Lexington-based D.W. Wilburn Inc., was left a Paraplegic after a November accident in which his motorcycle was hit by a pickup. His girlfriend, Melissa “Missy” New, the mother of his 20-month-old son, Jacob, was killed.

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