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Daily Archives: January 30, 2006

Electrical stimulation gives hope to paralyzed

Published: January 30, 2006

ercise_hmed2phmediumTherapy could help restore some function, some studies suggest

Vibrating tingles of electricity worm into the thin legs of paralyzed children, pulling at their muscles to pump up and down on a special bicycle.

It’s called electrical stimulation exercise therapy, and small but tantalizing studies suggest that this intense rehab just might help restore some function to people with spinal cord injuries, even if they were paralyzed long ago.

Game control gives disabled chance to play

Published: January 30, 2006

1handedrevcontrollerNintendo has been in the technology spotlight since announcing plans for a video-game controller that can be used with only one hand.

But a disabled fan in Southern California took notice for more reasons than just the excitement about the next generation of interactive entertainment.

To Travis Taft, 19, the controller was a stunning godsend in his fight against an injury that left him a quadriplegic. He has tried to call national attention to the unintended benefits that the gadget will offer for people with a variety of physical disabilities.