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Daily Archives: August 5, 2006

Slippery-slope concerns are valid

Published: August 5, 2006

JUST when you think the debate over embryonic stem cells can’t get any more degraded, an outfit called the Campaign to Defend the Constitution comes along and proves you wrong.

The group took out two vitriolic full-page ads in The New York Times (at $200,000 a pop) lashing out at religious conservatives as extremists and ideologues for opposing federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR).

Little by little, stem-cell supporters gaining ground

Published: August 5, 2006

When Bernie Siegel started pushing for stem-cell research three years ago, the tide was moving decidedly in the other direction.

Laws were being proposed to put researchers in jail. To put patients in jail!

Now the momentum is running the other way — despite President Bush’s recent stem-cell veto, in which the war president showed his commitment to the sanctity of life by a stalwart defense of eight-cell embryos.

cotton to the core Jim MacLaren

Published: August 5, 2006

20060806_023047_sp06maclaren_200When ex-football and lacrosse star Jim MacLaren graduated from Yale a little more than 20 years ago, he thought life’s plan for him was to become an actor, a dream he maintained even after he lost a leg getting hit by a bus in New York City. Neither did the accident prevent him from becoming a successful triathlete. But while competing in Southern California in 1993, he was struck by a van, breaking his neck and making him a quadriplegic. After a bout with Depression, MacLaren realized his true calling. He has spent the past 10 years working as a motivational speaker, inspiring others to overcome their perceived problems. Last year, he won the Arthur Ashe ESPY award for courage, an honor presented by Oprah Winfrey. Recently, MacLaren, who’s still acting in addition to running a philanthropic foundation, slowed down long enough for a chat.

Anthony Cotton: How are you these days?

Everyone is a Player

Published: August 5, 2006

art8cThe paralyzed patients at Rehab Hospital are taught how to relearn their skills and sports

DAWNA ZANE has won the marathon in Honolulu, paddled in New Zealand and skied in Alaska. All in a wheelchair.

In 2000, Zane was in a car accident that left her with a spinal cord injury, paralyzed from my chest down.

A cruel joke, a broken spine, a new purpose

Published: August 5, 2006

bilde18Pedro Toala, soaked with human waste and blue-ish chemicals, could hear the kids laughing outside the portable toilet they had just tipped over.

Toala was inside, face down in the liquid that had spilled from the toilet’s holding tank.

He tried to turn over, but could not move his legs. He couldn’t even feel his legs.