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Daily Archives: October 2, 2006

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Published: October 2, 2006

Dear Colleague:

As we begin the month of October, we again celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and proudly recognize our workers with disabilities. We also salute employers large and small who are working to recruit and hire qualified individuals with disabilities.

What began in 1945 as a single week of recognition has grown into an international, month-long series of events and opportunities to increase the employment of people with disabilities. This year, we commemorate National Disability Employment Awareness Month with the official theme of “Americans with Disabilities: Ready for the Global Workforce.”

Experimental drug lets man walk again

Published: October 2, 2006

The nights were the worst for John Bannon, gripped by fear of what his spinal cord injury might mean.

“Every night lying in bed you’d think, ‘God, am I ever going to be able to do any of this stuff?’ ” Bannon said.

High on his list was being able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding, a tall order for someone told he’d never walk again.

Paralysis therapy snags award for Purdue

Published: October 2, 2006

A Purdue Research Park company received acclaim for a device that will better treat paralysis caused by severe spinal cord injuries.

Neurotech Business Report awarded the Andara Oscillating Field Stimulator the Gold Electrode Award for best new product on Friday. The award was given at the Neurotech Leaders Forum in San Francisco by the publication which highlights advancements in the field of neurotechnology.

The device, which took over two decades to materialize, will treat injuries within three weeks after they occur, said Richard Borgens, director of the Center of Paralysis Research at Purdue’s Institute for Applied Neurology.