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Life is good after brush with death

Published: December 23, 2006

ba_oakslay_wounded72With the wounded toll topping homicides, some survivors are gaining insight that makes them whole in a new way

Cheating death can make you see life a whole new way.

That’s what happened to Ronnie “Henneessy” Jackson. In 2003, gunmen using AK-47 and Mac-90 automatic rifles fired 50 rounds into his parked van in East Oakland. He was struck 11 times, briefly flatlined in surgery, then endured 10 operations and spent nearly three years paralyzed from the neck down.

A gift of independence

Published: December 23, 2006

hs1548185_1Ron Stewart asked a bunch of his friends to kick in $1,000 each to help buy a specially equipped car for Sean Corner, the 21-year-old rugby player paralyzed in a game in September.

Only one man said no. Instead, he gave Stewart $2,000.

And so it went.

In a few days, Stewart had $24,000 –enough to buy a tricked-out 2004 Chrysler Pacifica fitted with hand controls.