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Daily Archives: February 24, 2007

Doctors treat spinal cord injury with stem cell therapy

Published: February 24, 2007

Doctors at a hospital here have claimed they successfully used stem cell therapy to enable a 25-year-old man, who injured his spinal cord in a fall in July last year, to walk normally again.

This is the first time that Indian doctors have resorted to stem cell therapy to cure spinal cord problems, said J S Rajkumar, chief surgeon of the corporate Lifeline multi- speciality hospital.

Senate OKs stem-cell study

Published: February 24, 2007

Despite its current financial crisis, the Illinois Senate voted Friday to approve grant funding for embryonic and adult stem-cell research.

Senate Bill 4, which passed 35-23, creates the Stem-Cell Research and Human Cloning Prohibition Act. It now goes to the House.

Supporters say the research could lead to treatments for several diseases, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.