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Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

Doctor says ‘golden age’ of spinal cord injury treatments a decade away

Published: June 4, 2007

TORONTO (CP) – Arms trembling, Nicholas Schoenhoff pushed himself up from his wheelchair, grabbed a pair of silver canes and took a few wobbly steps – something the 15-year-old high school student never thought he’d manage after shattering his neck in a snowboarding accident two years ago.

“Initially, they said I’d be basically a quadriplegic for life,” he said. “Over time that changed, and now they’re saying I’ll eventually be walking around full-time.”

Schoenhoff spoke Tuesday at Bloorview Kids Rehab, a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, to help kick off the Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion fundraising event for spinal cord injury research.

UofL to play host to top spinal cord injury experts

Published: June 4, 2007

13th annual Kentucky Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research Trust Symposium

The meeting, focused on new research and treatments for spinal cord injury, is co-sponsored by Norton Healthcare.

Sten Grillner of Sweden’s Nobel Institute of Neurophysiology will deliver the keynote address. Conference speakers come from top-ranked institutions across the United States, Australia and the Netherlands.

More Americans seek treatment overseas

Published: June 4, 2007


McKINNEY, Texas — Two weeks after Tonya Winchester graduated from high school, an 18-wheeler slammed into her Jeep Cherokee, paralyzing the college-bound teenager from the chest down.

Therapists said she would not improve, and they advised her to work with what she had left.

Instead, she took the advice of fellow patients and searched for a medical miracle half a world away.

What is Spinal Cord Injury?

Published: June 4, 2007

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is damage to the spinal cord that results in a loss of function such as mobility or feeling. Frequent causes of damage are trauma (car accident, gunshot, falls, etc.) or disease (polio, spina bifida, Friedreich’s Ataxia, etc.).