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Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

New Technology Can Be Operated By Thought

Published: November 9, 2007

071107210708ScienceDaily (Nov. 9, 2007) — Neuroscientists have significantly advanced brain-machine interface (BMI) technology to the point where severely handicapped people who cannot contract even one leg or arm muscle now can independently compose and send e-mails and operate a TV in their homes. They are using only their thoughts to execute these actions.

Thanks to the rapid pace of research on the BMI, one day these and other individuals may be able to feed themselves with a robotic arm and hand that moves according to their mental commands.

“Our work has shown how important the learning process is when using brain-controlled devices,” says Andrew Schwartz, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh.

New Clinical Trials Could Open ‘Golden Era’ In Spinal Cord Injury And ALS Research

Published: November 9, 2007

ScienceDaily (Nov. 9, 2007) — New experimental therapies are being — or soon may be — tested in clinical trials that could open the doors to a “golden era” for research to improve the treatments of people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, and other severe movement disorders, scientists say.

“The studies highlighted here reflect decades of basic science research that have led to some measure of understanding the events taking place in traumatic neural injury and disease, and how these events can be modulated to improve function,” says Aileen Anderson, PhD, of the University of California, Irvine.

Acorda Therapeutics CEO Inducted into Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame

Published: November 9, 2007

HAWTHORNE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.® (Nasdaq:ACOR) today announced that Ron Cohen, M.D., its President and CEO, has been inducted into the SCI Hall of Fame™ in the Corporate Executive category. Formed by the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA) in 2005, the SCI Hall of Fame was created to recognize excellence and to honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to quality of life and advancements toward a better future for all individuals with spinal cord injury.

“I am deeply moved and honored to be inducted into the SCI Hall of Fame,” stated Dr. Cohen. “Spinal cord injury is a devastating medical condition, but the scientific advances of the last 15 years have brought us closer than ever to bringing new therapies to clinical trials. My colleagues at Acorda and I are committed to achieving the company’s mission, to develop therapies that will treat SCI.”