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Daily Archives: April 26, 2008

Show support for Wheels in Motion

Published: April 26, 2008

A team of volunteers in Surrey is preparing to organize the sixth annual Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion, presented by Scotiabank and taking place on Sunday, June 8.

The Surrey Event Committee, chaired by Stan Leyenhorst and Tara Cleave, is asking the local community to show their support by joining the local event committee.

“Last year’s event was an unbelievable success and we want to build on that success this year by getting as many people involved as possible,” said Cleave.

“Wheels In Motion brings the community together to have fun, meet new people, and raise funds for solutions that improve the quality of life of men, women and children with a spinal cord injury.”

New stem cell therapy for spinal injuries

Published: April 26, 2008

Namita’s life came to a standstill the day she suffered a spinal cord injury 16 years ago. Bound to a wheelchair all these years, she felt life was passing her by. Namita, who loved the outdoors, couldn’t even move without help. But what embarrassed her most was her loss of bowel and bladder control. Depressed, she had almost become a recluse. Then life changed suddenly again after she went for a new stem cell therapy. It worked wonders — she has regained some movement of her legs; she can take a few steps with the help of a walker and has even regained control over her bladder.

Harsha, a Bangalore-based Paraplegic, too has reason to smile these days. He had got used to life in a wheelchair for years. But a mesenchymal stem cell transplant in his spinal chord has given him some hope. Harsha can now move his limbs a little, and that’s given him a new lease of hope.