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Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

Use of disability parking tags steadily rising in California

Published: October 3, 2008

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – Diabetes has settled in Ira Monatlik’s body, enough to weaken the muscles around his eyes.

He has a pacemaker, and lately, his left leg aches because of a split disc.

But none of those ailments stop the former tennis instructor and athlete from driving his Mercedes to doctor appointments or for errands around town.

What does stop him is a lack of parking spots for the disabled.

Spinal cord injury lawyer on paralysis

Published: October 3, 2008

image_230Spinal cord injuries cripple around eleven thousand people in the United States each year. Oftentimes, the victim’s injuries result in permanent paralysis, an injury lawyer from Dallas Texas specializing in spinal cord, injuries reports:

Individuals between the ages of 16 and 30 are most likely to suffer from spinal cord injuries and the male population is at a greater risk than women, 80 percent more. In technical terms, only the lower body of a Paraplegic is paralyzed. Other, more severe injuries result crippling most of the body, including arms and legs, called Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia.