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Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Bladder cancer in spinal cord injury patients

Published: October 1, 2009

Retrospective review.Objective:Spinal cord injury is a known risk factor for bladder cancer. The risk of bladder cancer has been reported at 16-28 times higher than the general population. Earlier studies have identified indwelling catheters as risk factors. We examined the characteristics of bladder cancers in a spinal cord injury (SCI) population.

Long Beach VA Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Long Beach, California.

Ten-year follow-up of sildenafil use in spinal cord-injured patients with erectile dysfunction

Published: October 1, 2009

Data are sparse concerning the long-term effects of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors for erectile dysfunction (ED).

To evaluate the efficacy and safety of long-term sildenafil use in subjects with ED caused by spinal cord injury (SCI).

University of Louisville neuroscientists hope to get people walking again

Published: October 1, 2009

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Neuroscience researchers at the University of Louisville will be the only team collaborating with an international group of scientists who last week announced they had enabled paralyzed rats to walk while supporting their own weight.

Dr. Susan Harkema, UofL’s Owsley Brown Frazier Chair in Neurological Rehabilitation, rehabilitation director at the university’s Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center (KSCIRC) and the director of research at Frazier Rehab Institute, is evaluating how to translate into humans the success accomplished in the animals.

Creating the best possible clinical trials

Published: October 1, 2009


The Reeve Foundation’s North American Clinical Trials Network NOA Task Force met September 24th in Dallas, TX to continue what it began last May at a two-day workshop at Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville, KY.

NOA, which stands for Neurological Outcomes Assessments, is a group of international experts who are collaborating to develop, test and validate new improved outcome measures for use in human clinical trials of spinal cord injury. Twenty NOA members participated in-person; several more joined via web conference.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness month

Published: October 1, 2009

bannerMainOctober is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Below is the official government explanation of what that is. The question is, what does that mean to you. If you’re not injured, maybe it’s, “Wow, that would be a hassle.”

If you are injured and unemployed (Household income for those who reported being paralyzed is heavily skewed towards lower income brackets and is significantly lower than household income for the country as a whole as reported by the U.S. Census — from our Paralysis Population survey.)