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Bioness on A Current Affairs News

Published: January 19, 2010

ACA, December 21 2009: An electrifying breakthrough that brings real hope to people whove suffered catastrophic injury.

Underwater treadmills provide cutting-edge spinal cord injury rehab

Published: January 19, 2010

Physical therapist Sandra Stevens first explored the use of underwater treadmills at Middle Tennessee State University with children suffering from cerebral palsy. She hypothesized that the underwater system might also have profound benefits for spinal cord injury patients struggling to relearn how to walk and move. Stevens noted dramatic improvement in endurance in patients who used the treadmills as part of their rehabilitation program. She said, “So they’ve gone from four or five minutes of walking to 32 or 34 minutes. That’s a big improvement,” in a DNA India article.

Stevens’ research has already helped a handful of spinal cord injury survivors to relearn to walk after suffering from full or partial paralysis.