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Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

Paralyzed Reno boy looks forward to new home

Published: May 22, 2010

Jesse Eligio likes Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray. He likes spaghetti, hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and his older brother’s Xbox.

He likes his mom, Alicia, standing curbside in the morning and sending him off to school. He likes meeting her and the family’s “Chiuauapoo,” named Mili, in the same spot in the afternoon. He likes the hugs and kisses his mom gives him.

Quarter century of helping the newly disabled

Published: May 22, 2010

Guy Coulombe keeps on going

EDMONTON – We’ve been handing out High Fives to various events and great folks.

This week, though, we’re going to give a High Five to someone who deserves to be celebrated: Guy Coulombe.

At 17, Coulombe saw his life change radically near his hometown of Donnelly.

“We were driving and hit some loose gravel,” says Coulombe, now 47. “We weren’t wearing seatbelts because seatbelts weren’t a big thing back then. So the truck went one way and I went the other.”