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Daily Archives: June 21, 2010

Spinal injury inspires foundation

Published: June 21, 2010

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Chris Canales knew before that night that his life would soon change. He just expected it to go in a different direction.

It was the final regular season game of his senior season at San Marcos Baptist Academy, and the all-conference defensive back and punter already had received three college scholarship offers.

Paralysed patients to have chip implanted in their brain that ‘reads’ their thoughts and...

Published: June 21, 2010

Paralysed patients will one day be able to move their bodies using a robotic device controlled by a chip that has been implanted in their brain.

Scientists are developing tiny chips that will be able to read a patient’s thoughts and transmit the information wirelessly to prosthetic limbs.

The chip, measuring little more than a centimetre wide, would decode patients’ thoughts by analysing the activity of neurons in the brain when they think of a specific movement.

US Department of Defense helps move spinal cord injury treatment closer to clinical trials

Published: June 21, 2010

Antibody treatment could significantly improve lives following a spinal cord injury

The United States Department of Defense Spinal Cord Injury Research Program has announced a grant of more than a million dollars U.S. to support research at the Robarts Research Institute at The University of Western Ontario (Western). The spinal cord injury research team of Gregory Dekaban, Arthur Brown, Lynne Weaver and Paula Foster, in collaboration with Brian Kwon of the University of British Columbia and Kyle Petersen of the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center, is working on a new therapy designed to limit the damage caused by inflammation immediately following spinal cord injury. The grant will move their work, led by Dekaban, closer to a clinical trial.

Wheels in Motion keeps spinal cord service, research moving

Published: June 21, 2010

GUELPH — Joe Weiler was among 120 people walking, rolling and running along a 2.5-kilometre course at the University of Guelph Sunday in a Wheels in Motion fundraising event for spinal cord injury services and research.

Weiler, 54, gets around in a wheelchair as he has since 1981, the year the Guelph man was cutting a branch off a tree.

Paraplegic dad: ‘For everything I’ve lost, I’ve gained so much more’

Published: June 21, 2010

Men account for the vast majority of people with spinal cord injury-related paralysis. Most are in their prime reproductive years.

Glen Dick didn’t see himself married with kids. Just finding a date is hard when you’re paralyzed from the chest down, no matter how good looking you are.

Then Glen met Monica, a corporate career woman who says she broke up with guys for wearing the wrong shoes.