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Daily Archives: November 8, 2010

Monkey Business in Concord

Published: November 8, 2010

How a Capuchin monkey aids the life of a 27-year-old Concord man and his big family.

Ned Sullivan is taking it one day at a time these days. He’s living at home with his brothers and sisters, dogs, parents, and Kasey, his service monkey.

Sullivan’s mother, Ellen Rogers, spoke at the Concord Bookshop on Sunday about the journey from Ned’s horrifying car accident in Arizona to maintaining a mostly normal life with the help of Kasey who was donated to the family by Helping Hands, a Boston nonprofit.

We should support stem cell research

Published: November 8, 2010

I have very strong feelings about the support of stem cell research, and I should – I have a friend whose life could be dramatically changed from the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Imagine you’ve just turned 16 and are right in the middle of your sophomore year of high school. You’re a gorgeous, vibrant, ambitious girl who loves to cheer and swim, donate your time to worthy causes, and just won your first beauty pageant – and a scholarship to attend the college of your choice along with it – the key to fulfilling your dreams and making the picture of your future in your head a reality.