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Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

LSU project aims to help quadripalegics gain mobility

Published: May 3, 2011

Like probably every other person with a severe spinal cord injury, Sloan Deumite wants to walk again. Ten LSU engineering students have spent much of their senior year trying to make that happen.

On Thursday, the students will present the first stage of a project called “Walk Again.”

The goal is to eventually produce a mechanical exoskeleton that could allow quadriplegics to walk on their own.

How wheelchair skills can give you independence

Published: May 3, 2011

Life in a wheelchair isn’t as limiting as you’d expect, once you’ve learned the moves

The first time I got into a wheelchair I felt euphoric. After a month spent in bed, reflecting on all the things I would never do again – no more climbing or playing football – it was a joy just to be able to move again. Four weeks earlier my physically active lifestyle had come to a sudden stop when I fell from a tree, resulting in a spinal-cord injury which left me facing life with paraplegia.

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