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Daily Archives: May 24, 2011

Paraplegic Man Stands, Steps with Assistance, Moves His Legs Voluntarily

Published: May 24, 2011 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Regimen of Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation, Plus Extensive Locomotor Training, A Significant Breakthrough

A team of scientists at the University of Louisville, UCLA and the California Institute of Technology has achieved a significant breakthrough in its initial work with a paralyzed male volunteer at Louisville’s Frazier Rehab Institute. It is the result of 30 years of research to find potential clinical therapies for paralysis.

Elkhorn man competitive as ever despite paralysis

Published: May 24, 2011

Murderball, anyone? It sounds like blood sport, but it is a team sport for athletes with disabilities.

Murderball is the politically incorrect name that participating athletes have given wheelchair rugby. It’s rough and tumble—literally.

Wheelchair rugby teaches life’s lessons to those who have suffered the hardest of knockdowns.

Kevin Kramer, 26, of Elkhorn started playing murderball eight months after he suffered a paralyzing spinal injury playing flag football at an indoor soccer field.

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