Spinal Cord Injuries Create Long Term Health Issues

Major accidents usually result in severe injuries sustained by one or more persons. Among these injuries, however, injuries to the spine is the worst to be suffered by those involved in the accident. Usually, this type of injury results to paraplegia, which is the inability to move the lower portion of the body, or quadriplegia, which is the total loss of movement in all parts of the body. While it is true there are some victims of spinal cord injury that seemed to recover after a year of rehabilitation, they are still susceptible to long-term health issues which may beleaguer them without end.

Accident victims who sustained spinal cord injuries usually have a difficulty in performing even the most simple of tasks. They tend to suffer a great deal of pain, particularly in their lower back, if they try to do things that they used to perform effortlessly before they suffered spinal cord injury. They may also suffer from bladder dysfunction, which would sometimes require them to wear a catheter most of the time to prevent kidney stones from forming. Bowel dysfunction is another long-term health issue that may annoy the victim of a spinal cord injury. This is why part of the rehabilitation process is a bowel program, whose singular aim, is to encourage the bowel functioning on automatic reflex.

Another long-term health issue that may be suffered by the victim is osteoporosis. As you well know, osteoporosis is a chronic disorder common among the elderly. If you are suffering from a spinal cord injury, however, you are likely to develop osteoporosis within two years time. Spasticity is also common in victims with injuries to the spine. Spasticity is the mysterious exaggeration of normal reflexes and is usually characterized by uncontrolled spasms. Syringomyelia is another spinal cord injury effect that only appears months or years after the accident. Victims who suffer from this type of effect usually feel gradual numbness and weakness in their extremities. This condition may worsen as time goes by and the only treatment would be surgical drainage.

If you, or a loved one, figured in an accident that caused injury to the spine, it would be a good idea to contact an injury lawyer so that you would know what to do. A lawyer specializing on accidental injuries to the spine can negotiate or file a lawsuit against those whom you believe were responsible for what happened to you. The lawyers can prepare studies and documents to prove to the negotiating panel, or the courts, should negotiations fail, that these long-term effects can also happen to you.

The statute of limitations for accidental injury to the spine is relatively short. However, your spinal cord injury attorney could present your case in a way that your complaint would always be within the statute of limitations, thus preserving your right to seek redress against those whom you believed to be responsible for the accident that caused your injury.

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