Pool Wheelchairs Go Down Teamboat Springs at Disney Water Parks

Walt Disney World ® Water Parks make getting around in a wheelchair even easier. Thanks to mobile wheelchair lifts, Blizzard Beach’s Gondola at the Chairlift, and even the ability to take the wheelchair with you on a ride, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ® and Disney’s Blizzard Beach ® let guests actually ride some of their famed rides and attractions with your wheelchair!

Here’s how it works:

Available on a first come-first serve basis, Disney Water Parks have special Water Park Pool Wheelchairs available, made out of PVC pipes. These pool wheelchairs are a convenient way for guests needing one to get around the park without sacrificing fun. While not every water attraction at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ® or Disney’s Blizzard Beach ® will let you stay on or near your wheelchair, some will including Tike’s Peak at Blizzard Beach ® where you can remain in your wheelchair as you enter the zero depth entry points throughout the area.

Wheelchairs at Disney Water Parks 1

Other attractions like Teamboat Springs, also at Blizzard Beach will bring the wheelchair along with you as you take a whitewater raft adventure through 1,200 feet of splashy excitement. Instead of sitting in the chair, you will transfer to one of Teamboat Springs’ rafts with your friends and family while your wheelchair is strapped into its own raft alongside you. As you bump, slip and slide down to the bottom your wheelchair will too, making getting off the ride and onto another one that much easier!

If you’re unsure which Disney Water Park ride lets you bring along your wheelchair simply head to Guest Relations and request a Guide for Guests with Disabilities. This will give you accessibility information as well as a map with a wheelchair symbol showing you which ride or attraction you can go on with your wheelchair. Once you find a Disney ® Park map, look for the wheelchair symbol with the following text:

May Remain in Wheelchair/ECV

Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV
This means you are not allowed to bring your wheelchair/ECV on the ride.

Must Transfer to Wheelchair
Which means guests must transfer from their ECV to a regular wheelchair
and then they are able to ride the water attraction.

Must Transfer to Wheelchair, Then to Ride Vehicle

To ensure you get the most out of your Disney Water Park adventure make sure find the rides that let you bring along your wheelchair and you’ll be enjoying tons of splashes in no time! As always you can find discounted Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ® and Disney’s Blizzard Beach ® tickets right here on Best of Orlando.

Orlando, FL — 07/25/14

By: Jena Pugh

For more information: Services for Guests with Mobility Disabilities

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