How to Play Blues Harmonica after a High Level Spinal Cord Injury

A few years ago Jeremy Olson discovered something that could dramatically improve the quality of life of many people.

We already know that the harmonica is one of the most versatile, easy to play and affordable instruments out there. But what makes the harmonica special is that it is the perfect instrument if you have sustained a high level spinal cord injury.

This is because the harmonica is one of the few instruments that can be played hands-free.

Not only that, paralysis creates a weakness in the muscles of the diaphragm which can lead to dangerous lung infections. This is where the harmonica fits in.

Strengthening the breath and living longer is a by-product of having a good old fashion blast on the harp.

If you have quadriplegia, you’re gonna like this online course because:

  1. You need little musical knowledge to get started (the holes are numbered)
  2. You can play when and where ever you want (even lying down)
  3. It’s free!
Jeremy Olson and Hands Free Harmonica Student
Jeremy and Hands Free Harmonica Student

“Fantastic. It has been great for my diaphragm and each practice session has been a real workout” says a hands-free harmonica student.

You can access the course by simply clicking these links in the following order.

How to Play Hands-Free Harmonica

Harmonica Chugging

Bending Notes on the Harmonica

The Blues Scale on the Harmonica

Twelve-Bar Blues on the Harmonica

Some Harmonica Riffs

Talking Through the Harmonica

 Click on the photo to see what can be done
with hands-free harmonica!

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