Mason Ellis Finally Fixed His Health Issue – Quadriplegic (C5, C6, C7)

After suffering a spinal cord injury, there are a lot of secondary complications that go along with paralysis, such as pressure sores, muscle spasms, urinary tract infections, and autonomic dysreflexia.

In this video, Mason will tell you about a medical issue he experienced, and something he wish he had known a while back that would have prevented it from happening! Mason hopes, this information is informative, and you can use it to prevent the issue from happening to you.

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Mason Ellis is a quadriplegic dedicated to mentoring people who have spinal cord injuries, helping people who have disabilities live life just like they would’ve able-bodied, and inspiring able-bodied individuals. Learn how to become more independent and what it’s like to live life with a spinal cord injury. How Mason Ellis Became Paralyzed.

If you are interested in living life just like you would’ve able-bodied, then be sure to Subscribe to Mason’s Youtube Channel!

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