* Windows that open outward and are easy to operate; horizontal sliding windows are recommended — casement windows, which are difficult to operate and require a free area in front of them are not recommended; inaccessible windows can be power operated
* A full wall of narrowly constructed shelves for single-row storage, without a counter(s), offers the most accessible storage; if a counter is present, shelves above the counter are, for the most part, inaccessible
* Hanging rods in closets can be lowered, or, a second, lower rod can be installed
* Modular storage systems configured to specific requirements and/or power units which raise and lower and/or rotate shelves and racks can be installed
* Where a counter or writing surface is required, one 30- to 33-inch high counter or tabletop is recommended
* Laundry facilities require sufficiently wide doorways, space for maneuvering, and appliances that are front-loading, easily operated, and have front-mounted controls


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