Parking lot helper

by: Mark -

by: Mark -
I personally think that I’m in a very unique position to see the kindness in so many people because of my situation. For twenty years, I walked around just like most other people. I interacted kindly for the most part and never did I see the open hearted effort to jump in and take over for those in need as I have since being in a wheelchair.

Parking can be tuff enough in some busy places even if you have disabled parking placard. I had found a spot wide enough pull the car in and get the chair out. You must realize that a C6 Quad isn’t going to be lightning quick at this and at times it may look awkward. I struggled to get my chair out of the back and set it down just to the driver’s side of the car and began to swing my legs out when an older gentleman practically ran up and committed to helping. He said, “I’ve got it.” And he was right. He pushed the chair perfectly back into the car and leaned down grabbing under my legs and swung them back into the car. I muttered, “Thanks, I’ll get it” a couple of times before he finished, wished me well and walked on.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was trying to get out, not in! But it’s a great example of how good hearted people can be even if they leave their brains elsewhere. If you think you know someone needs help, it’s a bigger help if you get him or her going in the right direction. Just ask!

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