The Magic Bullet: Laxative Suppositories

Medexus offers a different, faster acting, safe and sure 10mg. bisacodyl suppository. The Magic Bullet is designed to help minimize the cost and excessive time involved in most bowel programs.

The Magic Bullet does not use an oil base (hydrogenated vegetable oil) as does Dulcolax and other bisacodyls, where the oil base has to melt before the bisacodyl can stimulate the bowel to contract and push out the stool. The Magic Bullet is water soluble (polyethel glycol) and allows our bisacodyl to disperse within minutes after insertion. The sooner the stimulation begins, the sooner the movement is completed … meaning less time on your Bowel program.

Our users have found that with the use of The Magic Bullet suppositories, they have better evacuations in shorter periods of time.

The Magic Bullet has been evaluated in several clinical studies and has consistently demonstrated shorted bowel routine times. Please click on the following studies to review the results.

Pharmacologically Initiated Defecation for Persons With Spinal Cord Injury: Effectiveness of Three Agents; J. Glen House, MD, Steven A. Stiens, MD

Reduction in Bowel Program Duration With Polyethylene Glycol Based Bisacodyl Suppositories; Steven J. Stiens. MD

Improved Bowel Care With a Polyethylene Glycol Bisacodyl Suppository; James H. Frisbie, MD

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