Endless Ability Jeans


Endless Ability Jeans – Adaptive/Modified Clothing for Spinal Cord Injury/Disabled Wheel Chair Users

Endless Ability Jeans are a brand of jean catered to those who use wheel chairs. With a high-rise rear for full coverage, lowered front pocket, removal of rear pockets for comfort and an option of a catheter zipper for foley or self catheter access, there is no better jean on the market for anyone who has experienced a spinal cord injury or for those who use a wheel chair for various other injuries.

August 31, 2008 Antonio Quistian Jr. was involved in a motorcycle accident that would leave him paralyzed from his chest level down. After months of recovery he began to experience the difficulties of daily living while being confined to a wheelchair He made numerous attempts to continue living life as he had before his accident, so one thing he hoped for was to stay dressed as fashionable as he always had. He soon found this difficult due to the fact most jeans are designed for the “able body” and not made with the intention to always remain sitting. Some of the designs and brands he once loved did him no justice being in the position he was currently in.

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