Nina Foundation Celebrated 2nd Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day

This is an event celebrated by a mumbai based NGO -Nina Foundation to spread awareness about spinal injury – prevention & Rehabilitation.

25th June 2010, Mumbai: Nina Foundation celebrated the 2nd spinal cord injury (SCI) awareness day on Friday, 25th June 2010 at the WE School, Matunga, Mumbai from 4:30pm onwards. The academic partner of the foundation, WE School or the Welingkar institute of management development and research, matunga, hosted the event from 4:30pm onwards.

Dr. H.S. Chabbria, medical Director, INDIAN SPINAL INJURY CENTRE, DELHI, took us through the state of the art SCI rehab center in delhi while emphasising on the need and importance of rehab for a better life. The special celebrity guest Dimple Kapadia, unveiled the special line of products from Nina Foundation and feleicitated Ms. Arlene D’Souza with the ‘Rockstar Award’ for exemplary courage in her ordinary life.

The event kickstarted with a poem recitation by children – both normal & paraplagec, with harivanshrai bachchan – ‘Koshish karne walon Ki Har Nahi hoti’. The host for the evening, Ex RJ and voice trainer, Ravi Iyer, kept the guests entertained throughout the eveneing while Dr. Ketna Mehta ran us through a presentation on What is Spinal Injury & the current state of affairs in the city which is most prone to SCI injuries.

About Nina Foundation & Dr. Ketna Mehta:
The 9year old foundation focuses on education & rehabilitation of SCI’s and spreads hope and optimism among the patients and their families. Through the 2nd SCI awareness day, the foundation aims at highlighting the need for holistic rehab facilities for people with spinal injury in Mumbai and the urgent need for a world class rehabilitation center in Mumbai.
Founder trustee, Dr. Ms. Ketna Mehta (A paraplegic herself) has recently completed her doctorate on this area of healthcare management and has become the first woman paraplegic in India to have completed her PhD. Her guide, Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, is the group director of Welingkar institute, Mumbai. As Dr. Mehta puts in, “Spinal cord injury is a permanent disability which transforms the person’s life, and rehabilitation is the key to facing life with dignity. Spinal cord injury affects the limbs as well as bladder, bowel, skin, bones and other organs of the person. At such a state, the right rehabilitation and the support of family and friends is of key importance. That is what we at the Nina foundation strives to offer- empowerment with information and rehab services”

About Spinal Cord Injury:
Spinal Cord Injury is a serious & permanent form of disability which causes complete or partial paralysis waist down (Paraplegia) or neck down (Quadriplegia).
Nina Foundation activities include the first one-of-its-kind bi-monthly newsletter, One World – Voice of Paraplegics. The newsletter gives comprehensive information and solutions related to the distinct physical, medical, psychological, social, recreational and vocational aspects faced by spinal cord injured. The NGO is also the first to have a unique SCI helpline where the friends/family or the SCI’s can call in case of any assistance or guidance.

Nina Foundation has been encouraging the members with this permanent disability, enabling them to excel in their respective fields. They have received the NCPEDP Shell Helen Keller Award in 2002, NASEOH Award in 2005 and have been featured in the development section of Limca Book of World Records 2008 edition. An article ‘Taking flight again’ by Nina Foundation is also featured in the latest bestseller series, “chicken soup for the indian spiritual soul”.

•Inspirational Poem recital by children – ‘Koshish Karne wallon ki har nahi hoti’
•Showcasing of the Nina foundation film and raison de etre for sci day in india.
•Presentation on Rehabilitation by Dr. Ketna Mehta.
•Presentation on world class rehab center by Dr. H S Chabbra., medical director ISIC, DELHI.
•Presentation of the ‘Rockstar Award’ to Ms. Arlene D’souza by Dimple Kapadia
•Felicitation of Ms. Madhu Singh by Dimple Kapadia for her achievement in National Wheelchair sports bagging the first prize in Basket Ball Shooting., 2010.
•Unveiling of Nian Foundation range of products by Dimple Kapadia.

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