Aussie Quadriplegic is chicken soup for America’s soul

The serious impact of the spinal cord injury is remembered during the second week of November by Australians with the help of Josh Wood’s inspiring story.

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – Around Australia the second week in November is a time to reflect on the serious impact of Spinal Cord injury and Aussie Quadriplegic inspiration Josh Wood is being celebrated around the world for his efforts to educate. His story has taken Jack Canfield’s team (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) by the heart-strings and is published in the new version of that series ‘The Well Adjusted Soul’ released in Australia this month.

From this award winning story in ‘The Well Adjusted Soul’ Josh shares how he is technically a walking miracle with multiple diagnosis’ of 5 per cent spinal cord function from breaking his neck in a snowboard accident in June 2000. Josh lives life to the fullest and has a remarkable rehabilitation story and schedule.

Josh credits much of his success to the prevention approach made by his Allied Health Practitioners and the decision to push on despite all odds with the support of this determined mother. The bond they share is breathtaking.

“If I can do it anyone can do it,” said Josh Wood. ‘Living life to the full is a decision and you don’t have to lose a life to make that decision like I did’.

70-90 per cent of people don’t understand the critical role the spine plays to protect the spinal cord, which connects the brain to every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

“The fact is, spinal health is the key to a healthy nervous system, but most people don’t appreciate the link until it’s too late, taking their spine for granted,” Josh explained.

“For most of us, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind, until someone experiences injury.”

The moving bones of the spine protect the intricate communications pathways of the spinal cord and nerve roots. If these nervous system pathways are impaired, malfunction of the tissue and organ function throughout the body can result. “Every minute of every day your spine works to support you as you walk, work, sit, play and exercise I lost all that and had to learn to walk again.

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