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Moses is a C3, C4, & C5 injury like me. Moses great friends have made him a very nice website. I think this site is interesting because they document Moses progress in a journal idea style. You can read entry by entry as Moses gets better. The Status Updates are well managed with entries going back to 10/23/02, days after Moses was injured.

Friends of Moses are reaching out to the community at large in an attempt to ease the burden so suddenly and randomly placed upon Moses and his wonderful family, all of whom are so undeserving of the results of this catastrophic, freak accident. As is well documented, there are astronomical costs associated with spinal cord injury that are never completely covered by insurance. Please explore this site further and send a message of hope and encouragement to Moses.

If you want to read more go to Friends of Moses Site

As of 8/28/03
Some neat news is that vocational rehab, a federally funded program to help the disabled get back to work, is now moving forward and we connected with this great guy on Oahu who used to be a pilot and body surfer who became a Quad, and now runs a big computer tech co. He is helping to advise us, and out of the two state contracted companies that offer the computer setups, he’s got us moving with the best choice for Mo. And the guy who runs it is also a quad. He will be coming over to asess Moses for his needs in mid sept. The plan is to push for desk top for future schooling along the lines of a graphic artist,so that would allow Mo to incorperate his artistic nature with the computer. There is another quad on this island that Sterling refered us to who we will try to meet who does video editing. Plus these folks at rehab will help with enviromental controls and voice activated phone. Satch and Mo are at 29 to 31 games in chess,since Mo got home – with Satch in the lead. Ilove to hear Moses laugh or writhe in happy fustration at loss. a window of joy in the laugh… so, its going to take a while but a good game plan.

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