Paralyzed Veterans of America highlights the UnstoppABLE spirit of veterans in new public service announcement

Campaign aims to inspire all those living with a disability to be UnstoppABLE in their everyday lives

WASHINGTON (October 22, 2018)UnstoppABLE is a new, high-impact, public service announcement (PSA) campaign from Paralyzed Veterans of America that celebrates the indomitable spirit of veterans with spinal cord injury and disease. The PSA showcases Paralyzed Veterans of America’s adaptive sports programs which empower veterans and help them transcend adversity and conquer challenges throughout their lives. To watch the UnstoppABLE PSA, go to

“We hope when all people, not just the disabled, see this inspirational PSA from Paralyzed Veterans of America they are motivated to become UnstoppABLE in their everyday lives,” said David Zurfluh, national president of Paralyzed Veterans of America. “As an organization, we work every day to remove barriers for all people with disabilities and develop innovative programs and services for veterans that help them set and achieve lofty life goals, even if they have to go about it in new ways.”

The PSA features two veterans who participate in Paralyzed Veterans of America’s adaptive sports program. Tim Vixay, a U.S. Marine veteran from Oregon City, Oregon, is one of the individuals featured. He sustained a neck and spinal cord injury during a swimming accident in 2008 and can be seen swimming during the UnstoppABLE PSA.

“I tell anyone facing adversity that your life doesn’t stop because of an injury,” Vixay said. “You just have to keep moving and do the best you can. I have learned through Paralyzed Veterans of America programs I am still the same person with drive and a competitive spirit. I am strong and focused and know that I am capable of anything.”

Mason Symons, a U.S. Army veteran from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, can be seen in the PSA playing wheelchair rugby, also known as “murder ball.” His spinal cord injury is from a 2009 motorcycle accident. Symons credits Paralyzed Veterans of America for opening up a whole new world to him.

“My participation in Paralyzed Veterans of America reminds me that even when the odds are stacked against you, you don’t back down,” Symons said. “I have dreams, aspirations and goals and no matter what is thrown my way, I will be unstoppable in my efforts to reach them.”

In addition to adaptive sports programs and fighting for the civil rights for people with disabilities, Paralyzed Veterans of America helps all veterans secure health care, benefits and jobs.

To learn more about Paralyzed Veterans of America and support their efforts, visit

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