High 5 Goes to Couple Who Help Quadriplegics

(KSL News) It takes a lot of strength and determination to make it through a serious physical injury.

A Salt Lake City man and his wife have dedicated their lives to helping quadriplegics.

Tim and Karen Daynes were nominated for a High 5 by Brandon May, who met the couple when he joined the Utah Scorpions Quad rugby team. Brandon says he is so appreciative of their friendship and example.

“You guys have done so much for this community with the quad rugby team,” Brandon said. “Also, they’ve done a lot helping out with quadriplegics in general, getting through tough times in their lives. They’ve helped me out immensely. I could never, ever say thank you enough.”

Tim said, “I’d like to thank Brandon for nominating me for this. I’ve always done what I know best, and that’s to help people when they’re going through challenges.

“I experienced a major life-altering experience when I broke my neck back in ’89 in a diving accident. More importantly, when you go through a spinal cord injury, knowing what it’s like to have everything taken away from you in a second and have to figure out a way to get your life back together, I feel like I’ve been there. So I’m trying to help people who have suffered spinal cord injuries or any disabling condition.”

Tim’s wife Karen added, “I just think it’s a really big honor for us. We’re really surprised. What we do in the community is just try to create education and awareness for people with disabilities, and what they can do, not what they can’t do.”

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