New Therapy for Paraplegia and Quadriplegia

GIGER MD® Therapy is a unique therapy method

The damaged or functionally impaired CNS (Central Nervous System) is functionally reorganised in its activated network parts or in its basic structure through the relearning of lost frequency and phase coordination in the performance of coordinated rhythmical movement. In the case of severe CNS damage, the restoration of physiological functions is only possible when instructed learning takes place in an integrative, co-ordinated and efficient way. The relearning of relative frequency and phase coordination and of old movement patterns of the diseased CNS can best be achieved with the use of GIGER MD® medical device which controls the frequency and phase coordination with a precision of milliseconds.

This relearning of Motor functions of the lesioned CNS is considered as a transformation of the coordination dynamics of the central nervous system. The increase in the relearning rate of specific spatial-temporal pattern of activity among the many billion neurons of the CNS networks through movement and other functions of the CNS is essentially determined by various factors.
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Intensive training on the GIGER MDâ medical device enhances in the best way vegetative functions and motor recovery or even restore these functions in people who have been paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury.

The movement pattern of all limbs is on milliseconds accurate, as the user would walk. Coordinated locomotor training on milliseconds accurate increases the amplitude of appropriate muscle activation and decreases the amplitude of inappropriate or spastic muscle activation. As the patient is lying on his back, the therapy can be started very early after injury to prevent “learned non-use” and to facilitate locomotor recovery.

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