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Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts And Bolts Guide For Wheelers And Slow Walkers, 2nd Edition Candy Harrington

Authored by the editor of the leading travel magazine for people with disabilities, Emerging Horizons, this second edition of Barrier Free Travel continues to be the definitive guide to accessible travel for those who use a wheelchair, walker, or cane or have any physical ailment that may slow down their gait. It is a well-researched resource that contains detailed information about the logistics of planning accessible travel by plane, train, bus, and ship. It contains resources, travel tips, and updated information about accessible travel options.

Chapters include information on how to find and book an accessible room, cruises, ground transportation, overseas travel, advocacy, disability law and rights, air travel, protecting your wheelchair when you travel, how to find and work with a travel agent, and resources from around the world. This new edition includes a chapter on children’s travel issues and – due to popular demand – a much expanded section on cruises. Expanded airport security procedures have changed the way we travel and thus the book offers new information about these security procedures and how they apply to wheelchair-users and slow walkers.

Barrier-Free Travel contains essential information – not just common-sense tips. Because of the chaos and uncertainty involved in travel, people who need access accommodations need thoughtful, reliable information. This book gives readers the tools and resources to prepare for their journeys and is essential reading for every traveler with mobility limitations.

About the Author: Candy Harrington is a widely acknowledged expert in the field of accessible travel for people with disabilities. She founded the magazine Emerging Horizons, an accessible travel magazine, and has published widely on this subject. She contributed a chapter to the book Kids On Wheels, a resource guide for wheelchair-using kids and their parents. Her work can also be found in many disability- related magazines including New Mobility, PN, Ability and Arthritis Today as well as mainstream publications such as the Dallas Morning News. She’s a frequent contributor to TravelAge West and she pens accessible travel columns for Special Living, Travel World International and Go World Travel.

Ms. Harrington is a frequent keynote speaker on the subjects of accessible travel, marketing to the disability community, universal design and accessible recreation.

Contents. Preface: It’s Still A Jungle Out There; Up, Up and Away: Air Travel; On A Wing And A Prayer: Protecting Your Equipment; Up, Up And Away: Beyond Wheelchairs; Getting Around on the Ground; We Will Ride: Bus Travel; All Aboard:Train Travel; Finding the Right Room; Taking The Kids; So you want to get off the ship?: Cruise Travel; When Things Go Wrong; Beyond the USA; The Travel Agent: Friend or Foe?; Shopping the Net; Accessible Recreation: A World of choices; Budget Travel; Is It Really Possible?; Resources

From reviews of the first edition:

“The depth of research and painstakingly careful documentation in this book are particularly useful.” – Inside MS

“The Bible for barrier-free travel.” –

“The brass tacks of accessibility written in Candy Harrington’s straight-from-the shoulder style.” – Mouth Magazine

“In addition to helping those in wheelchairs enjoy vacationing, ‘Barrier Free Travel’ also is a handy resource for scooter-users, slow-walkers, travel agents and libraries.” – The Courier News

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