C5 Quad Spinal Cord Injury Driving Van DSI, Scott Driving System

Jose Hernandez sustained a C-5 spinal cord injury 22 years ago and this is him driving his modify van. It’s been modified with the Scott Driving System/DSI system.



Jose Hernandez would like to give a special thanks to United Spinal Association for allowing him to use their video equipment to make this video. They have tons of resources for individuals with disabilities and chapters throughout the US. https://www.unitedspinal.org/

If you live in the New York City area check out United Spinal’s New York City Chapter. They Hold Many Events throughout the City for Individuals with Disabilities. http://www.nycspinalcord.org/

For more information about modified vehicles in the New York area, you can contact. https://bussanimobility.com/

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