KINOVA’s “JACO” is a robotic arm designed to give independence to power wheelchair users

Developed by the quebec based company KINOVA, ‘JACO’ is an assistive robotic arm created to improve the quality of life of power wheelchair users. the team, who focus on projects to empower individuals with mobility limitations, has designed ‘JACO’ to function like a human arm, allowing those with limited or no upper limb mobility to enjoy a greater level of autonomy.

Available with either 2 or 3 finger grippers, the ‘JACO’ robotic arm can be mounted onto any power wheelchair. once integrated, the arm is designed by KINOVA to help with activities in everyday life. from opening doors, lifting various objects, to playing with children and pets, the ultra-lightweight device facilitates safe and independent movement, affording an improved quality of life, from work to socializing with friends and family.

all images and video courtesy of KINOVA

The technical design of JACO has been conceived to mimic a fully functioning human arm by allowing a total of 16 smooth movements. this is achieved thanks to the six-axis movement feature that corresponds to the shoulder, elbow and wrist. the arm can be controlled using the chair’s joystick, head control, sip-and-puff, head array system or almost any other interface, in combination.

JACO is made from lightweight carbon fiber and is designed to be durable and weather-resistant. using the same power source as the wheelchair, the device allows for users to become more autonomous in every aspect of their lives, while also providing a greater sense of security to those with limited mobility.

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