Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Join an event or webinar, and engage in the discussion of how to make the internet more accessible to all, including a wide range of disabilities and limitations.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day takes place every year on the third Thursday of May, and is all about getting people thinking and talking about making the web accessible for those with different disabilities.

Technology is a wondrous thing. With a quick search, we can find all the information we need on anything we want. We can order dinner, research a paper, listen to a podcast. But if you happen to be blind, deaf, or impaired in some way then it’s not uncommon to find technology can be more of a burden than a boon.

Keeping technology accessible for everyone is the key theme of this day, and in an era when technology just keeps getting more and more a part of our lives, it’s never been more important.

History of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

This day was first observed in 2015, and interesting came about due to the publication of a blog post written by a web developer by the name of Joe Devon. The blog post, featured on, talked about how accessibility was low on the list of important things when creating a website – and how this needed to change.

After seeing the post, Jennison Asuncion contacted Joe to talk about web accessibility. Together, they joined forces to create this day and have since become big names in making the internet more accessible for everyone.

How to Observe Global Accessibility Awareness Day

There are plenty of events, both physical and virtual, which are organized by the people behind Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

There is also plenty of information available online regarding how to make your website more accessible, and webinars to watch regarding the challenges and solutions of making your site accessible to all.

Another great way to observe it, if you are a developer or designer, is to try to navigate a site you are working on without using a mouse or trackpad. Or take the time to use a screen-reader and make sure you’re creating something which can still be used by disabled users.

Make sure to talk about the subject on social media and amongst friends, or get the conversation going at work – especially if you work in the digital sphere.

Ultimately, the goal is to make all big websites on the net easy to access and simple to use. And with days like this in your calendar, that goal could be achieved sooner than we think!

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