Stem cell and regenerative medicine research grabs $500,000 grant for ThermoGenesis

The National Institute of Health (NIH) granted $500,000 to ThermoGenesis Corp. for stem cell research. The company will study for two years and build biomaterials that will deliver stem cells for use in regenerative medicine.

According to the ThermoGenesis chief executive officer Mel Engle, they are looking forward to find out the best method to combine stem cells with biomatetials with the help of this grant.

ThermoGenesis will collaborate with University of California Davis for conducting the study. The two-year grant is a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant. ThermoGenesis can apply for a Phase II grant after the two years are up.

The research is based on the concept that bioengineered materials could enhanced the capacity of stem cells to effectively regenerate tissues.

However, Engle explained that they are expecting to provide an integrated cell processing and delivery system designed to achieve an optimal therapeutic effect in orthopedic applications, such as bone repair and generation.

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