Spinal Cord Injury Patient Pins Hopes On Stem Cell Therapy

A 34 year old Bangladeshi electronic hardware engineer, resident in the Middle East, who is a paraplegic after tumor surgery, travelled to Bangkok in the hope of regaining some sensation and control.

In July 2006 M.H. aged 34 experienced an unpleasant burning sensation in both legs. He lost the ability to walk and rapidly lost bladder and bowel control. After investigations he was diagnosed as having an operable tumor on his spinal cord.

Post-surgery and radiotherapy Mr. H. had no sensation at all in his legs, a slight improvement in bladder function and no bowel control whatsoever. Faced with a life in a wheelchair he and his brother searched for what help might be available. Like so many patients, his doctors counseled acceptance of his lot in life but his family felt that advances in cellular medicine might offer him some chance of help.

When interviewed in Bangkok Mr. H. and his brother were cautiously optimistic that they’d done the right thing. Doing nothing was not an option. They knew that thousands of patients have been treated safely with adult stem cells and that around 70 percent had gained some, or significant improvement. They were delighted with the care they received and with the devoted medical and nursing staff. There was no lack of time to have all his questions fully answered and he received complementary therapies aimed at enhancing the uptake and repair capabilities of the stem cells. Now he just has to wait and see if he can get some better quality of life back so that he can resume work and play with his children.

Spinal cord injured patients are offered state-of-the -art care and attention with tailor-made adult stem cell therapies available nowhere else in the world. At least there is the realistic hope now that things can change and improve.

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Jai Communications Limited is a Hong Kong registered cellular medicine management company. They specialize in taking care of patients in Bangkok and also provide a range of tailor-made adult stem cell therapies for a wide variety of diseases.

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