The Expendables Cast Member Sylvester Stallone and a Neck Injury

Sylvester Stallone Broke His Neck While Filming the Expendables

Sylvester Stallone neck injury amounts to an amazing celebrity breaking his neck on the set of “The Expendables.” 63 year old Sylvester Stallone was filming a fight with Steve Austin when he broke his neck. The injury was so severe, that the actor had to have a metal plate put in his neck.

This isn’t the first time that Stallone has suffered severe injuries. While filming a movie in 1985, he suffered massive injuries while shooting a boxing scene. Sylvester suffered from a swollen chest, and if his heart had swelled up any more before he got to the hospital, it is said he would have died.
When it was announced that Sylvester Stallone had a neck injury, people were in a state of panic. What would this mean? According to there are four common types of neck injuries that can take place: muscle spasm, muscle strain, stinger, and fracture.

These types of injuries are arranged from least severe to most severe. Spasms result from improper posture, and many Americans suffer from this type of injury due to prolonged periods of time in front of a computer. Building neck muscle strength and stretching daily can help minimize this type of neck injury.

Muscle strains can occur from overusing your muscles, too much tension, and sudden and strong impacts. These are tears in the small muscle fibers. Strains can vary in severity.

Stingers occur when the neck is suddenly forced to rotate or tilt excessively. This will cause burning or stinging in your neck and down your shoulders or arms. Football players and those in other contact sports commonly experience these types of injuries.

A fracture is a break in the bone. This type of neck injury can actually be fatal. Another serious consequence of a fracture is paralysis. If you break your neck and your spinal cord is damaged, you can lose the loss of your appendages either from the neck down or waist down. Car crashes, sports, and falling are all common causes of fractures.

Sylvester Stallone’s neck injury was a fracture, which is the most severe type of injury. He is actually very, very lucky that the injury wasn’t worse than it was. He had to have surgery on his neck, but he wasn’t paralyzed and that is the main thing right there.

“The Expendables” is a movie with a star studded cast that includes not only Sylvester Stallone, but California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Eric Roberts, and Steve Austin.

By Meg G.

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