Quadriplegic returns to ski slopes after decade

A decade after a ski accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, Kenny Salvini, 33, took to the slopes again this month.

“Feels good. It was really smooth,” Salvini said in an interview with Seattle King 5 TV after the first run. “Snow feels good, just like I remembered it.”

With the help of Outdoors for All, an organization that helps people with disabilities engage in recreational activities, Salvini suited up and headed down the mountain on adaptive equipment.

His family watched from the bottom of the mountain. “I knew this day would come,” Kenny’s mother, Jeanne, said.

Ten years ago, Kenny hit a jump going too fast, sending him 40 feet into the air.

“The jump wasn’t exactly designed properly,” he said. “I took a spill onto my head and broke my neck, my back and my leg all at once.”

In the years since, Salvini has made a point to, in his words, “do life.”

“I am still, at my core, the same thrill seeker my dad unleashed on that very mountain 30 years ago,” he said.

Lori Grisham, USA TODAY Network
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