Solving the Beauty Equation: Wendy Crawford at TEDxTraverseCity 2014

Wendy is an advocate who utilizes her connection to the fashion industry to develop unique endeavors that raise awareness for women with physical challenges.

Driving to the airport for her first international contract, 19-year-old fashion model Wendy Crawford was struck by a drunk driver and, as a result, became a quadriplegic. Following her accident, the Attorney General’s Office of Ontario (Canada) hired Ms. Crawford for several years as spokesperson to warn others about the perils of drinking and driving. During this period, Wendy was given the “Ontario Crime Prevention Award” twice by the Solicitor General of Ontario and honored as “Citizen of the Year” in her hometown.

Growing into womanhood with a disability, Ms. Crawford identified a need and utilized her fashion and public-speaking experience to develop unique means of raising awareness of and becoming an advocate for women with physical challenges. In 2002, Wendy founded, an online magazine for women in wheelchairs, to provide information and a community for women to share and learn from one another.

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