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Spinal Cord Injury News Articles

Key advance reported in regenerating nerve fibers

Published: February 18, 2004

Two-pronged approach synergizes growth

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School have advanced a decades-old quest to get injured nerves to regenerate. By combining two strategies – activating nerve cells’ natural growth state and using gene therapy to mute the effects of growth-inhibiting factors – they achieved about three times more Regeneration of nerve fibers than previously attained.

ESPN’S Superior Beings Presentation:

Published: February 18, 2004

ESPN’S Superior Beings Presentation: Extraordinary Athletes With Disabilities Use Sports to Change Misfortune to Triumph

ESPN Original Entertainment (EOE) has produced a compelling documentary that celebrates the extraordinary achievements of several disabled athletes. Superior Beings is a one-hour show that highlights excellence and the ability of sports to transform lives.

Stem Cells Found In Adults May Repair Nerves

Published: February 18, 2004

It used to be considered dogma that a nerve, once injured, could never be repaired. Now, researchers have learned that some nerves, even nerves in parts of the brain, can regenerate or be replaced. By studying the chemical signals that encourage or impede the repair of nerves, researchers at the University of Washington, the Salk Institute, and other institutions may contribute to eventual treatments for injured spines and diseased retinas, according to a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Pell City to build house for Montgomerys

Published: February 17, 2004

feb17-1PELL CITY — As sunlight streamed across Mays Bend Road Friday morning, the group of people standing near lot 9 of the Woodland Hills subdivision to break ground could have been any group of developers.

The difference was simple to those who know John Paul Montgomery and his plight to overcome a spinal cord injury suffered in a football practice at Pell City High School late last year.

During a tackle, John Paul’s neck was broken and his spinal cord bruised. He was left paralyzed.

Fountain of Neurons Created

Published: February 17, 2004

Immortalized stem-like cells could provide a limitless supply of spinal cord and brain replacement parts

A method of producing an unlimited supply of human neurons has been developed that could be used to treat brain diseases and spinal cord injury.

Spinal cords fixed in tests

Published: February 16, 2004

With a genetic tweak, scientists have created an unlimited supply of a type of nerve cells found in the spinal cord and have been able to use the cells to partially repair damaged spinal cords in lab animals.

Spinal research planned for Nov.

Published: February 15, 2004

Benefit ball raises $1 million toward facility to search for ways to cure injuries

DEARBORN — Doctors want to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Patient advocates also want to help victims deal with the affliction better.

Man hurt in surgery to get $3.6 million

Published: February 14, 2004

Jury: Surgeon breached standard of care during operation at Christiana Hospital

A federal jury in Wilmington awarded a Chesapeake City, Md., man $3.6 million Friday in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Promise for the paralyzed

Published: February 14, 2004

Groundbreaking procedure at Craig Hospital offers hope to those with spinal injuries

ENGLEWOOD – A skid into a tree, a bad fall on an icy mogul, a fall from a roof – it takes just a second to turn a healthy person into a quadriplegic or Paraplegic.

BOEC lands “Quality of Life’ grant

Published: February 14, 2004

BRECKENRIDGE – The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) has awarded the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) a $10,000 Quality of Life Grant as part of more than $713,000 it distributed to 103 organizations nationwide recently.