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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Nervous Joey returns

Published: February 28, 2004

REW JOHNS, rugby league’s greatest drawcard, will put his playing future on the line tonight when he takes the field for the first time since suffering a career-threatening neck injury.

Shepherd Center plans $48 million expansion

Published: February 27, 2004

Shepherd Center, an Atlanta hospital specializing in care for patients with catastrophic injuries and illnesses, plans a $48 million expansion that will nearly double the size of the Buckhead facility.

American Soldiers Reunite with Iraqi Child

Published: February 27, 2004

Andrews Air Force Base Saturday evening, February 28, 2004

Washington, DC – Two American soldiers who recently returned to the United States after completing their tours of duty in Iraq will reunite Saturday evening, February 28, 2004, with 12 year old Ma’rwa Ahteemi as she lands at Andrews Air Force Base. Ma’rwa was a patient they cared for after she sustained a spinal cord injury in late November 2003, in an accidental US mortar attack on her home in the Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad.

Group worries about looming ‘Medicaid crisis’

Published: February 25, 2004

Legislature debates how to best fix $401 million funding shortfall

MADISON — Thousands of jobs and services for the elderly, disabled and poor are at risk unless the Legislature and Gov. Jim Doyle can agree on a plan to fix a $401 million Medicaid funding shortfall, advocacy group representatives said Tuesday.

Florida accident leaves Bahamian student paralyzed

Published: February 25, 2004

Three other Bahamians passengers injured

Twenty four year old Tavares Brown, a Bahamian student at Florida A&M University (FAMU) was paralyzed on Saturday, after the van that he was riding in overturned.

Spinal Injury Psychological And Social Problems

Published: February 25, 2004

Spinal Cord Injury Can Result In Significant Psychological And Social Problems

Research from the Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Otago University, has confirmed for the first time that a high proportion of New Zealanders with severe spinal cord injury and subsequent chronic pain experience ongoing psychological and social problems because of their condition.

Injuries are almost always preventable

Published: February 25, 2004

Ron Roskos literally fell into his job as head of the Utah Brain Injury Association.

Roskos was walking across the parking lot to work as an operations manager one day when he slipped on a patch of ice. He’s not sure how long he lay between two cars, unconscious, but that moment 13 years ago was the curtain dividing his life dramatically into “before” and “after.”

Antibiotic could help with spinal cord injury paralysis

Published: February 24, 2004

Researchers have found that a commonly prescribed antibiotic could be used to help prevent paralysis and other long-term Functional deficits associated with a partial spinal cord injury (SCI). Researchers in the field have known that a significant proportion of paralysis and long-term functional disorders associated with SCI are triggered by post-trauma tissue loss.

FAMU, alumni rally for injured students

Published: February 24, 2004

Florida A&M students and alumni rallied Monday in support of a student who was paralyzed and two fellow performers who remain hospitalized after their van overturned en route to Pensacola’s downtown Mardi Gras parade last weekend.

Nervous System — Groups of Nerves

Published: February 23, 2004

nervousatlasgroups Your nervous system is composed of the Central Nervous System, the cranial nerves, and the Peripheral nerves. The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system. The cranial nerves connect the brain to the head. The four groups of nerves that branch from the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral regions of the spinal cord are called the peripheral nerves.