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Monthly Archives: April 2004

A laurel wreath for Jack

Published: April 20, 2004

Paralyzed teen finished marathon on stationary bike

The 26-mile Boston Marathon is considered the granddaddy of all marathons where there are hundreds of stories of personal triumphs. A Braintree teen, who is paralyzed from the neck down, is celebrating the completion of his own marathon: pedaling a stationary bike for the equivalent of 26 miles.

Christopher Reeve to Co-Deliver Middlebury College Commencement Address

Published: April 18, 2004

Christopher Reeve to Co-Deliver Middlebury College Commencement Address With Wife, Alumna Dana Morosini Reeve May 23; Honorary Degree Recipients Include Meryl Streep, Kenneth Feinberg, Paul Muldoon

Is the only difference between acute and chronic the scar? What else happens to...

Published: April 17, 2004

fine the “acute” phase of spinal cord injury as the period during which damage may be continuing.

“Subacute” is when the spinal cord is beginning to resolve the damage and starting repair. There is then a period of recovery that may take years. At the end of that period, when recovery has stabilized and the condition is stable, I would use the descriptor “chronic” spinal cord injury.


Published: April 16, 2004

After watching a quadriplegic man compete at a water skiing event several years ago, Tim Giroux of Flint knew there were very few limits to what he could do.

“That was the big event for me that opened my eyes,” said Giroux, who has a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair. “I realized I can still do just about anything I really want to.”

Horrific accident leaves MCC’s Brown hospitalized

Published: April 15, 2004

Marshalltown Community College head baseball coach Kevin Benzing said it was the worst athletic injury he had ever seen in his experience as player and coach.

He struggled emotionally describing the sound and the sight of it.

Making A ‘Swift’ Recovery

Published: April 15, 2004

Yankton Doctor Overcomes Potentially Fatal Car Accident Injuries

Dr. Don Swift of Yankton is a survivor, but you won’t see him on the popular reality shows. He survived a near fatal car crash near O’Neill, Neb., last November.

When the cord is injured, it is the pressure on the cord that causes...

Published: April 14, 2004

The spinal cord is seldom cut by injury unless the injury is due to a bullet or knife. In most cases, the spinal cord is compressed either slowly or rapidly by bone or disc displaced against the spinal cord. The extent and cause of damage depend on the speed of compression. Slow and prolonged pressure damages the spinal cord by blocking blood flow to the cord.

Spinal cord white matter is generally more resistant to ischemia (loss of blood flow) than brain.

Acorda Reports Spinal Cord Injury Miss, Positive Trends Seen In MS

Published: April 14, 2004

By Karen Pihl-Carey
It was a mixed day for Acorda Therapeutics Inc., which said Fampridine-SR missed its endpoints in two pivotal Phase III trials in spinal cord injury (SCI), but also said the drug showed positive trends in a Phase II Multiple Sclerosis (MS) trial.

Brain Implants Move at the Speed of Thought

Published: April 14, 2004

New Devices Operate on the Power of Thought Alone, Testing Beginning in Humans

April 15, 2004 — It may sound like science fiction, but brain implants that generate action based on the power of human thought are about to become reality. This week the FDA approved the first clinical trial of such a device in paralyzed people.

Trojans Swim with Mike

Published: April 13, 2004

In 1981, a benefit for injured USC swimming star Mike Nyeholt turned into an annual event for athletes.

As they were getting ready to leave the beach, he wanted to take a final dip into the ocean. Waist-deep in the water, he dove in and suddenly felt as if he had been punched in the face. He tried to stand, but nothing happened.

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