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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Plight of Women With Spinal Cord Injuries Highlighted

Published: June 30, 2004

A TWO-DAY workshop highlighting the plight of women with spinal cord injuries, ended in Harare at the weekend with a call for financial assistance to enable them to buy urinary equipment.


Published: June 29, 2004

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and actor Billy Bob Thornton brave the elements for a worthy cause.

“Only country music fans would do something like this!” declared Faith Hill to a crowd enduring unseasonable cold, wind and rain to see her, hubby Tim McGraw and actor Billy Bob Thornton perform at special concert in Austin, Texas.

disabled job despair

Published: June 29, 2004

Getting a job if you’re sick or disabled can be an uphill struggle. Less than 40 percent of all disabled people in the Netherlands have a job – compared with 67 percent of able-bodied people. The figures in the Netherlands are only slightly lower than the European average, but what is particularly surprising is that there is no legislation in place here to encourage employers to take on disabled people.

Stem cell quest takes family to Bahamas

Published: June 27, 2004

FENTON TWP. – Giving Karly Pollack a second chance at a normal life may come from an experimental stem cell transplant not performed in the United States.

Her family left Sunday for the Bahamas where a California doctor will perform the treatment using cells harvested from umbilical cord blood.

Differing Views on Controversal Stem-Cell Research

Published: June 27, 2004

`Research is promising’

With all the recent discussions surrounding stem-cell research and former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s support of this research, I am encouraging all Kentuckians who believe in this research to contact their state and federal legislators, the Governor and President Bush and let them know that you want them to support stem-cell research.

Straight talk on stem cells

Published: June 26, 2004

Stem cells are in the news. I know that you are working on stem cell research. Tell us a little about your work.

My research work is related to Parkinson’s disease. We have been working on Parkinson’s since 1972 in collaboration with some neurologists, especially Dr. Ron Pfeiffer. Basically, we are interested in the causes and treatment of the disease.

Yale researchers receive $4.5 million grant to study spinal cord repair

Published: June 25, 2004

Yale researchers Stephen G Waxman, MD and Jeffery D Kocsis have received a $4.5 million grant from the Veterans Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development Service to continue their internationally recognized research training program focused on restoration of function in spinal cord injury (SCI) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Eye for excellence

Published: June 23, 2004

Decatur man 2nd in national archery contest

A second-place finish in a national archery competition would be enough to make most people brag.

But not for Decatur’s Chuck Kimball.

Scientists make stem cell breakthrough

Published: June 23, 2004

Cures for diabetes, Alzheimer’s and spinal cord damage could be as little as five years away, after the landmark creation of more than one million stem cells from a single Australian embryo.

The work of Sydney IVF’s research laboratories, the achievement is the first time Australian scientists have cultured embryonic stem cells from an Australian embryo on home turf.

Robot aids the spinal-cord injured

Published: June 23, 2004

Lokomat helps people with paralysed legs simulate walking movements

In an attempt to get the brain to signal the body to walk again, doctors are using a robot to remind paralysed patients how to put one foot in front of the other.

Patients are strapped into an “exoskeleton” and held in an upright position as Lokomat, the robot, helps them walk.